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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Beer of the Week: Tree Shaker IPA

New week, new beer!  This time it's a local Colorado offering from O'Dell Brewing Company in Fort Collins.  O'Dell has been around for quite some time and I really consider it one of the flagship craft breweries in the state.  They produce a reliable stream of quality beers and their 90 Schilling is always a "go to" beer for me.  Tree Shaker is an Imperial IPA with what I would describe as an orange and honey nose.  Beer advocate rates it at a moderate 48 IBU's which sounds about right (not a lot of bitterness here).  It's somewhat light-bodied and makes for a nice summer time beer.  One thing you will notice when you pour it into a glass is that it has quite a bit of peach "dregs."  In fact, I don't know that I've ever seen a beer with that much "stuff" floating around in it.  It doesn't impact the texture of the beer however, so you won't find yourself chewing your drink.  The taste of the beer is only mildly "peachy", but that's not really a bad thing unless you like your beer to taste more like fruit, and less like beer.  The orange and honey continues into the flavor leaving it a touch sweet.  The finish is very smooth, with very little of the bitterness that you'd expect from an Imperial IPA.  Given its drinkability, it would be easy to get carried away with this one.  However at 8% ABV, that probably wouldn't be such a good idea.

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