Who is Ted?

I'm the father of two beautiful daughters and an amazing wife. For fun, I enjoy the long hours of seemingly endless suffering that endurance sports (mostly running, cycling and triathlon)provide. During my "down time" I'm an avid beer snob and self-described gourmet chef (in other words I like to burn things on a stove or grill).

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Beer of the Week: Tree Shaker IPA

New week, new beer!  This time it's a local Colorado offering from O'Dell Brewing Company in Fort Collins.  O'Dell has been around for quite some time and I really consider it one of the flagship craft breweries in the state.  They produce a reliable stream of quality beers and their 90 Schilling is always a "go to" beer for me.  Tree Shaker is an Imperial IPA with what I would describe as an orange and honey nose.  Beer advocate rates it at a moderate 48 IBU's which sounds about right (not a lot of bitterness here).  It's somewhat light-bodied and makes for a nice summer time beer.  One thing you will notice when you pour it into a glass is that it has quite a bit of peach "dregs."  In fact, I don't know that I've ever seen a beer with that much "stuff" floating around in it.  It doesn't impact the texture of the beer however, so you won't find yourself chewing your drink.  The taste of the beer is only mildly "peachy", but that's not really a bad thing unless you like your beer to taste more like fruit, and less like beer.  The orange and honey continues into the flavor leaving it a touch sweet.  The finish is very smooth, with very little of the bitterness that you'd expect from an Imperial IPA.  Given its drinkability, it would be easy to get carried away with this one.  However at 8% ABV, that probably wouldn't be such a good idea.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

2015 Bolder Boulder in Pictures

A couple of years back, I posted a few photos of the Bolder Boulder from a runner's perspective.  It was fun to just run along and enjoy many of the elements of the race that I'd not really noticed before.  This year, my youngest daughter Lily, decided that she would like to run.  So, the four of us, along with my brother, made a day of it.  Here's what the race was like for us:

On the way to the race. Looking stylish and feeling good!

Still crowded, but fewer runners hanging around than in the earlier waves.  At least we could walk!

From left to right # of Bolder Boulder Races completed: 4 BB's, 27 BB's, 1st BB, 17 BB's
Bug is ready to run!

Our Wave

Finally the starting line is in sight!

And we're off!

Feeling good through the first few hundred yards.

Uncle Paul and his 17th BB
Headed North during Mile 1

Maya checks the time w/ Uncle Paul

Now heading west towards the 1km mark

Still going strong!
Walk Break!  Thanks to Uncle Paul!  He was Bug's personal support crew!

Official sponsor of the Bolder Boulder

One of the bands along the way

Yes, that says free Tom Brady.   Equal amount of cheering and booing!

Belly Dancers at the top of the hill . . . followed by . . . 


There are many different costumes and causes along the way

About 6km to go!

Drum Circle!  This is Boulder after all!

Bug goes for the hula hoop!

This is probably the highlight of the entire course!

First goes Maya!

Then it's Bug's turn!

The top of Casey Middle School Hill and the high point of the race before dropping down to Pearl Street!

Another Band along the way!

Running along with Uncle Paul's help!  Less than 2 miles to go!

There is plenty of Memorial Day spirit at this event!

Ready to turn off Pearl!

A quick break . . . for one of us anyway!

Entering the stadium!

Crossing the finish line!

We did it!

With the racing done, we went into the stadium for the post race events!

This one's for Uncle Paul!

The Pro race is always exciting!

A team of parachutists bring in flags for each of the branches of service, followed by the POW/MIA flag and finally . . .

The American Flag!

This year, BB honored two women and two Tuskegee Airmen for their service in WWII!

It's an exciting and exhausting day!

Really exhausting!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Beer of the Week!

Nothing says Ironman training like beer!  Okay, maybe that's not exactly true, but good beer is a nice treat after all of those many miles of swimming, biking, and running.  Besides, writing only about training can get a bit dull.  And since it's summer (like winter, spring and fall, a good time to drink beer), why not contemplate a few of the beers that I've been sampling?  The first offering is . . . Sierra Nevada's Hop Hunter IPA (6.2% ABV, 60 IBU).  If you don't like Hops, this is a good place to stop reading.  This beer has a very wet, pungent hop essence.  It contains a "hop oil" that S.N. utilizes to add to the intensity of the hop flavor.  While the citrus and floral notes are still present in the nose, the hop oil adds a density to the taste.    If you don't love the flavor that hops impart, you won't like this beer.  For the rest of us, it's an enjoyable brew.  Maybe not quite sessionable , but definitely worth picking up a six pack.

Sunday, May 3, 2015


Back in January I started counting down until IM Boulder. This morning as I write, there are only 89 more days (roughly 12 weeks) until race day.  If you calculate rest days (at least one a week), plus a few other days where I know I won't fit in training due to travel, other commitments, etc., that number starts to drop to about 70 days of training.   Oops!  I forgot to factor in tapering.  Let's make it about 65 days when all is said and done (and that's assuming I'm not sick or injured during the next couple of months).  For the last several months, I've done everything I could to get in position for some serious Ironman Training.  I think that's the difference moving forward.  If April was the start of transitioning to more "race specific" (read: longer endurance) work, May launches me head first into that world.  But before I delve into what's ahead, let's take a look back at the last several weeks to see what April was like.

Overall: In April, we were blessed with a lot of nice weather, and this gave me an opportunity to get in some longer rides outside.  I continued to use the trainer each week, but at least three of my four long rides were done outside.  The last, was an 82 miler I did the last weekend of the month.  I also did a bit more running this past month with a couple of long runs of 8 and 10 miles (today is 12 miles) as I begin to ramp up the running again.  So for the month of April I swam 13,000 yards, rode 412 miles on the bike, and ran 42 miles.  I completed 30 out of 33 planned workouts for approximately a 91% completion rate.

Swimming: In April I swam a bit less than March, but continued to stretch my morning workouts a bit.  With only two swims a week, there's still something to be desired, but they've stretched from 1500 yard sessions, to around 2000 on most days.  I will continue to shoot for some longer swims in May, leading into the summer.

Biking: I cycled 3-4 times a week, depending on what my running plans were.  The average time and distance increased while the frequency remained the same.  During the week, I usually had a couple of 1 hour sessions done using Trainer Road.  One was interval focused intense trainer ride, and another was more of a "sweet spot" workout.  On the weekends, I alternated between two consecutive long rides (around 55 miles each) or one longer ride followed by a longer run the next day.  The bike course for IM Boulder was also revealed a couple of weeks back and that will have an impact on my training choices.  The new course has about 5100 feet of elevation gain, with short punchy climbs.  While the gain in elevation isn't drastically different than the year before, the brief "ups" and "downs" will certainly be different.
2014 IM Boulder Bike Course

2015 IM Boulder Bike Course
Running:  During April, I started to slowly reintroduce a long run as part of my training.  I'm shooting to do one of these at least every other week and build up to about 20 miles before IM Boulder.  With the amount of time I have until the race, I'm on a good pace to do that.   I've slowed my overall pace a tad as well, and most of my running is just a touch under 9:00 minutes/ mile.  I certainly expect that my Ironman pace will be slower than that, but since a lot of my running is isolated at the moment, I can handle a bit faster pace.  As I mentioned before I have 12 miles scheduled today, and so it will be a good test to see where I'm at.  There's also a forecast of about 82 degrees as well, so this will give me a taste of some "heat" training.

Up Next: In May, I'll be adding more long workouts on the weekend.  A typical ride will now be at least 50 miles, and this will often be followed by some longer running off of the bike.  My "during the week activities" will stay about the same. One thing I'm going to definitely do however, is build in a recovery week after every third week of training.  At the end of April, I had one built in, and I was so thankful that was the case.  Going into the week, I felt completely spent and the quality of my workouts was suffering to the point that I had little energy to put into them.  I didn't even manage to make it to the pool in the morning, and so I was grateful that I didn't have a bunch of key workouts scheduled that I would have had to scrub.  Taking it a bit easier for a week means I now get to start the next phase feeling refreshed, motivated and ready to go.  A month from now, I'll be at the start of June and with it will be the beginnings of Summer "Vacation" (I'll still be working quite a bit, but without the same frenzy that the end of the school year brings).   The month will be challenging, but I feel ready to go to the next phase.  Bring it on!