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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

2015 Bolder Boulder in Pictures

A couple of years back, I posted a few photos of the Bolder Boulder from a runner's perspective.  It was fun to just run along and enjoy many of the elements of the race that I'd not really noticed before.  This year, my youngest daughter Lily, decided that she would like to run.  So, the four of us, along with my brother, made a day of it.  Here's what the race was like for us:

On the way to the race. Looking stylish and feeling good!

Still crowded, but fewer runners hanging around than in the earlier waves.  At least we could walk!

From left to right # of Bolder Boulder Races completed: 4 BB's, 27 BB's, 1st BB, 17 BB's
Bug is ready to run!

Our Wave

Finally the starting line is in sight!

And we're off!

Feeling good through the first few hundred yards.

Uncle Paul and his 17th BB
Headed North during Mile 1

Maya checks the time w/ Uncle Paul

Now heading west towards the 1km mark

Still going strong!
Walk Break!  Thanks to Uncle Paul!  He was Bug's personal support crew!

Official sponsor of the Bolder Boulder

One of the bands along the way

Yes, that says free Tom Brady.   Equal amount of cheering and booing!

Belly Dancers at the top of the hill . . . followed by . . . 


There are many different costumes and causes along the way

About 6km to go!

Drum Circle!  This is Boulder after all!

Bug goes for the hula hoop!

This is probably the highlight of the entire course!

First goes Maya!

Then it's Bug's turn!

The top of Casey Middle School Hill and the high point of the race before dropping down to Pearl Street!

Another Band along the way!

Running along with Uncle Paul's help!  Less than 2 miles to go!

There is plenty of Memorial Day spirit at this event!

Ready to turn off Pearl!

A quick break . . . for one of us anyway!

Entering the stadium!

Crossing the finish line!

We did it!

With the racing done, we went into the stadium for the post race events!

This one's for Uncle Paul!

The Pro race is always exciting!

A team of parachutists bring in flags for each of the branches of service, followed by the POW/MIA flag and finally . . .

The American Flag!

This year, BB honored two women and two Tuskegee Airmen for their service in WWII!

It's an exciting and exhausting day!

Really exhausting!

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  1. How fun. Loved the pics of the guy getting a selfie with Elvis and the action shots with the slip and slide. =)