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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Traveling the world by bike . . . sort of

A couple of months back while listening to "Zen and the Art of Triathlon," the show's host, Coach Brett, mentioned a web site called Real Time Athlete where you can upload a "Map My Ride" course by plugging in the URL link.  Using the "street view" format it allows you to virtually ride just about anywhere in the world.  It's a rather crude visual but at least gives you something interesting to look at while riding the bike.
At the moment, I'm still recovering from a broken collarbone (the picture above is an old one) and it looks to be another few weeks before I'm fully healed.  Once there however, I intend to begin riding the trainer throughout the winter months.  To that end, I've been creating courses using the "Create a Route" feature on Map My Ride.  Here are a few of the ones I've done so far (you can click on a link below), copy the URL, and then go to realtimeathlete.com/trainerview:

1) Trail Ridge Road:  There's about 4,500 feet of climbing on this one, going from Estes Park up the Road for about 21 miles.

2) Climb to Lone Mountain: A little ways north of Yellowstone National Park is this 10 mile climb up to Lone Mountain in Big Sky, Montana where I spent many a summer as a Camp Counselor.

All out Effort:
3) New York City Sprint: Go all out for just under 7 miles riding down 5th avenue past Central Park and then back up Park Avenue.

4) Strip Sprint:  Another one for giving an all out effort riding up and down the Vegas Strip.

Joy Rides:
5) Mexico City: Fun because you would never actually ride a bike on this course unless you were completely nuts!

6) Nice is Nice!: Tour the French Countryside just outside of Nice on this 30 mile course.

It hasn't been to hard to rest the past month, but as I'm feeling better and better, the lack of activity is starting to make me a little stir crazy!  I'll be looking forward to trying out a few of these routes in the coming months and hopefully I'll be adding a few more as time goes on.

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