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Monday, January 21, 2013

Racing in 2013 (2013 Tentative Event Schedule)

Last year it wasn't until  May when I posted my schedule of races for 2012. Looks like I've got a head start on that this year.  Currently, I'm registered for three events in the coming year.  Selecting the right combination of races is always fun, especially since there are so many different races from which to choose nowadays.   A variety of factors come into play and selecting one race can easily negate another due to cost, schedule, etc.  Last year, I believe I spent close to $1000 on races and probably a little more when you consider all of the travel, meals, lodging, etc.  This year, I'm hoping to lower the cost of my race schedule events a bit.  I'm also looking at a little more variety in 2013.  Instead of the calendar being dominated by triathlons in 2013, I'm going to mix it up with a few other events.  Ultras, Century Rides, and maybe even a long distance swim may wind up on the list.  I've broken down my plans into three categories as follows:
Definitely: These are races that I will definitely do this year.  They're ones that I've already registered for in most cases.
Maybe:  These are races that I'd like to do, but I haven't registered yet.  Chances are that 1 or 2 will make it on my schedule, but not all of them.
Doubtful:  These are races that I probably won't do in 2013.  Most likely there is a restriction because of the date or the cost for the events.  If circumstances change, I may add them, but it isn't very likely.
So now that we know the criteria, here's the list.

Here are the races that I will Definitely be doing in 2013:

The Collegiate Peaks 50 Mile Trail Run (May 4, 2013): This is going  for to be my first event this year and I'm very excited about it.  This is also my biggest challenge for the year (Considering it my running "A" race for 2013).  I've been running quite a bit on the weekends, and I've rediscovered how much I enjoy running again.  Currently I'm alternating between a weekend long run of 20+ miles, and back to back long runs (this weekend was back to back 13 milers)  in preparation.  We are also taking a trip to Buena Vista in March where I hope to do one loop of the two-loop course.

The Bolder Boulder (Memorial Day, 2013):  I haven't registered yet, and I probably won't until later this spring.  That said I've done this race nearly every year since 1986 (I missed '95-97 when I was out of the country).  My only expectation for this race is to go and have a good time at the event.  The Bolder Boulder is the kickoff to summer!

The Mountain Top Cycling Club Experience Ride (June 22, 2013):  This one got added to the calendar today.  106 mile ride starting in nearby Woodland Park, CO.  T-shirt, BBQ lunch, massages, on course support, all for $30.   I've been wanting to do a century ride for at least a year now, and the cost of this one made it too good to pass up.  This also fits well with one of my summer goals which is to do a lot more cycling and make some big improvements over the past years.  Similar to the running that I'm doing now, I think the best way to do that for the long term is to add volume.

Ironman 70.3 Austin (October 27, 2013):  Austin, TX will be my first WTC event, and my first destination triathlon.  We are taking the whole family down to Texas in the late fall for this one.  I'm looking forward to it, and it has pushed my triathlon season back a little bit further this year.  That's okay as it will give me more time to train.  Austin is also my "A" race for triathlons this year.  For the last two years, my major race has been at the end of July.  I'll look forward to having some extra time this summer and fall to swim, bike, and run in preparation.

Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half-Marathon (August 10, 2013):  Just added this one.  There was a one day registration sale of $15.00.  I do love a bargain!  My wife has done this one the last couple of years, and I always feel a little tempted to join in.  Easy course, nice post-race treats, etc.

Maybe I will do one or two of the following events this year:

Open Water Swim Boulder Reservoir (August 31, 2013): I wanted to do this last year, but I was just too busy with work.  This race falls on labor day weekend, so it's always a bit of a challenge to do.  If we happen to be in the Denver/ Greeley area however, then there's a strong chance I will do this one.  At $30.00, it's also easier on the pocket book.

Harvest Moon Triathlon (September 8, 2013):  An even more likely option than above is this triathlon in Aurora in early September.  It's a long course triathlon for about $160, which is still a pretty good deal (consider that Austin is costing upwards of $300).  This also fits well with the triathlon season starting a little later.  As it currently stands, I probably will only do 2 triathlons this year which means that doing two 70.3 distances would be my preference.  In addition, I've never raced out at Aurora before, but I here great things about the venue, and this event in particular.

Rock Canyon 1/2 Marathon: This one seems to have a way of getting onto my calendar each year.  It's local, cheap, and a race that's always more about getting out there and doing it.

Rattlesnake Triathlon (Crazy Double) (August 17-18, 2013):  If the Harvest Moon Triathlon doesn't make it onto the list, then this might.  I would like to do the double event consisting of an Olympic distance on Saturday, and a Sprint on Sunday.  A good amount of triathlon spread over two days.

Doubtful:  These are the races that are probably  not in the cards for 2013 for a variety of reasons.  I'll keep them on the list for next year, and who knows, one might sneak in to the schedule anyway:

The Spring Runoff (March 3, 2013): Although I've done this race for 10 years in a row, I'm thinking about passing this year.  The main reason not to run is that it just doesn't fit in with my schedule this time around.  I still might do it, if I have longer runs planned.  Have to wait and see though.  Plus  I'd love to put the $30 towards another one of the races listed above. I may think about volunteering for this one.

Ordinary Mortals Triathlon (May 10th, 2013):  I was sorry not to do this one this year.  I'd really hoped to do it again as it's a great way to start off the season.  Unfortunately, it's the week after the CPTR, and I just don't think I will be recovered enough to jump into a triathlon.  Instead, I may wind up volunteering for this one.  I joined the Soco Triathlon Club this year, and since it's a club sponsored event, it might be a way to get involved.

The Greeley Triathlon (June 9, 2013):  Sigh.  This is another event that I'd enjoy doing and is the only triathlon that I've done twice.  It's incredibly close to my parents house, and not too expensive, but I just don't think it's going to be in the cards this time around.  Of all the doubtful races, this one could wind up being one that I do, but I'll have to wait and see.

Boulder Ironman 70.3 (August 4, 2013):  Although this event would slide nicely into my schedule in early August, and it's one that I've considered doing for the last couple of years, I think I will be limited to just one WTC event this year simply because of the cost.  I just can't see shelling out another $250-300 for this event when I can wait four weeks and do one of a similar distance for half that amount.  I hear nothing but good things about how well these races are organized, and Boulder would be fun just for the fact that there are so many triathletes in that town.  If I win the lottery or get a summer job, then the chances of doing this event increase, but I may look ahead to 2014 for this one.

As always, circumstances can change.  There may be new events that come along and are intriguing or other circumstances my arise that result in an alteration to the schedule.  At any rate, there are some cool things already in the works for 2013!

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