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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Top 10 things to remember during IM Boulder

#10. Since January, you've swam over 60 miles, biked more than 2600 miles, and ran over 300 miles.  What's another 140.6?

#9.  Why did cartoon Aquaman shoot parentheses out of his head when he took control of the sea creatures? (Okay not related to Ironman at all but something to think about during the swim). What kind of wetsuit does he wear?

#8.  Keep moving forward.  Sure it's a long day, but that's really all it is.  Keep moving forward and eventually you'll reach the end.

#7.  It's not a 2.4 mile swim (Okay it is), but don't think of it that way.  Take it one buoy at a time.  Enjoy the cool water.  It's bound to get hot as the day goes on.

6.  Colorado is God's Country!   Don't forget to look at the scenery. Especially the  Flatirons,   a beautiful and iconic vista in the Boulder Valley.

5. This is way more fun that sitting on the trainer doing intervals!

4. Running shoes feel surprisingly good after wearing bike shoes for 112 miles.

3.  There are three lovely ladies waiting to see you halfway through the Marathon!

2. Boulder is a Beer Mecca.  There will be Beer at the end of the race!

1. HTFU.  You signed up for this.  It's fun!

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