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I'm the father of two beautiful daughters and an amazing wife. For fun, I enjoy the long hours of seemingly endless suffering that endurance sports (mostly running, cycling and triathlon)provide. During my "down time" I'm an avid beer snob and self-described gourmet chef (in other words I like to burn things on a stove or grill).

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Getting ready for 2015

Now that the first week in November is over, I'm about 7 weeks out from the official start to my Ironman Training.  In the meantime, I've mostly been doing a bit of this, and a bit of that, as I get ready for more structured workouts.   In the near future, I'll post an "outline" of my training plan, or at least what I envision it to be.  It will be centered around a few basic principles that I've come to believe in over the past few years of triathlon (2015 will actually be my 6th season!).  Right now the biggest component of my off season preparation has to do with my "long run."  Between now and the end of the year, my goal is to be "fit" enough to tackle a marathon distance long run, using a 5:1 ratio of running and walking.  So far, I've found this to be the easiest on my body in terms of recovery.  I'm trying to do one long run every 10 days (give or take a day).  I figure that if I can continue at that rate, I should have a very solid aerobic base with which to start off my training.  I've also started doing a bit more stretching and even a bit of yoga.  The one thing I'd like to avoid is starting the season with another calf muscle pull.  This will of course take diligence on my part and be sure to be stretching each and every day.  I'll be sure to post again as training starts to ramp up.

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