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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Mountain at Breckenridge

This weekend we wrapped up a trip to one of our favorite hangouts . . . Breckenridge, Colorado.   Almost every summer, we manage to spend a few days there enjoying the sites, shopping, swimming, and of course, running.  One of my traditions each year is to challenge myself by running on one of the mountains (usually it's Peak 10 since we stay at the base).  This year was no different.  I like this run for a number of reasons, but certainly, the breathtaking views of the mountains is one of them.
Looking back down on Breckenridge
 After prepping the night before with Pizza and Beer from Downstairs at Eric's, I woke early on Sunday morning, and laced up my new Mizuno's for a run up the mountain.
My new Kicks: Mizuno Wave Creation 16
 As a Coloradoan, I pride myself on being altitude adapted, but the extra few thousand feet in Breckenridge compared to home definitely had an impact as I set off from our condominium at Beaver Run.  Within a couple of minutes I was already huffing and puffing.  The first part of the run follows a service road, and while steep, it is manageable when run at a  slow, steady pace.  My goal for this particular morning was to see how high up  on the mountain I could get.  I had hopes of getting above tree line, but I also set about an hour time limit before I would turn around (this was our family vacation, and so I did not have plans to spend the entire day on a solo trek).  I managed to run up the road for about 20 minutes before I turned off and began ascending one of the trails that snakes upward beneath the chair lifts.

 Almost immediately, it became so steep that I was forced to slow down to a walk.  I did my best to keep a steady pace and pushed up the hill for the next 30 minutes.  Along the way, I paused from time to time to snap a few pictures.  As you can see from this photo, I was hiking along a "Black Diamond" trail on my way to the top.

After some continued climbing, I crested a small hill to find myself directly beneath the chair lift on a run called "The Burn" which seemed quite appropriate given the way that my lungs were feeling.   The run was surrounded on both sides by a couple of snow fences, so the only option was to keep going up.  After a little more "hiking" I reached the end of the lift, and as it turned out, the ski area boundary.  It's hard to see in this photo, but that's what the sign says.
Ski Area Boundary
 Fortunately, there was also another service road, and I was able to run down this road and back to our condo.  Later that evening, as we dined at the Hearthstone Restaurant, I was able to get a picture.  If you look at the mountain on the left, you can see a couple of "snow fences" high up on the hill.  This was just below my turnaround point on the run.
 Today it was time to return to the flat lands and so we ended our day in downtown Breckenridge at the Kenosha Steak House.  We also happened on a running shop called Vertical Runner where we picked up a new pair of Kinvaras for my daughter, who will be running cross-country this fall.  Mountains, Good Food & Drink, Running.  It was a fantastic trip to Breckenridge!
Future Cross-Country Runner w/ her sister!
Friday: Breckenridge Brewery~ Sampler.
Saturday: Oskar Blues~ Momma's Little Yella Pils
Sunday: Great Divide~ Rye Lager, O'Dell's~Levitation Ale
Monday: Boulevard Brewing~Saison, Ska Brewing~ Mexican Logger

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