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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pimp my Ride

About a month ago, I spent $100 and got a very cheap and obnoxious-looking fixie bike from the local Walmart.  I've been looking at fixies for a while now as I've wanted something that I could ride for short errands, and between home and work.  An added bonus is that a cheaper bicycle would give me the opportunity to experiment with bike maintenance, without having to worry about destroying a quality bicycle.    With this bike, my plan has been  to strip the bike down and build it back up with bullhorn handlebars, better tires, and perhaps most importantly, a better paint job.  To date, I've taken the handlebars, stem, and fork off of the bike (along with the brakes), and I will be removing the pedals and cranks very shortly.  If you've never seen Walmart's Fixie bicycle, it looks a little like a 1970's McDonald's threw up.
Here's hoping there aren't any extra parts when I'm done!

I've considered a number of paint schemes for my bike to replace the current set up, but I've had trouble deciding.  Originally, I was opting for black wheels, cranks and pedals, along with a dark gold frame, but the more I look at it, this doesn't seem quite right.  So, I've decided to open it up and let any readers decide what color they think it should be.  I will accept submissions for the next two weeks, at which time I will announce the winning scheme.  Tonight I asked my family to give me their top four choices.  Please leave me a comment with the choice that you prefer.    Here are the choices below:
WTF . . . What the Fork?

#1 (Maya) The Wiz Khalifa-  Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow . . .
#2 (Lily) The Blue bug- Blue with Green
#3 (Melisa) Der Grasshopper- Green with Pink
#4 (Ted) Berry White- Reddish/ Purple with White
I expect to finish stripping the bike in the next week or two, at which time I will be ready to paint.  I still need to order some new tires to replace the red and yellow ones that came with the bike.  So, let me know which you think would look best.
If you come to a "fork" in the road.

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