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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Ride

Since my triathlon season is "officially" over, and it's unlikely that I will do another until next Spring,  my weekends have looked a lot different than they did throughout the course of the last several months.  I did do a 90 minute non-stop swim yesterday morning, but that was mostly because I was feeling great after several days of rest, and the pool was so calm and serene (when do you ever get to swim outside in a pool all by yourself for more than an hour?), I just couldn't bring myself to stop.
Classic Trek Mountain Bike
With school starting in a couple of weeks, my early morning adventures have switched from bike rides and long runs out on the road, to strategic planning, professional development, and the minute details that go into launching a new school year.   All of this while sitting at Starbucks at 6:30 in the morning (Sigh).
Maya with her "game face"
Nutrition Option: Peanut Butter on a Spoon!

Melisa "trekking"
 So this morning at breakfast we discussed the best way to spend our day, and decided that a family bike ride would be a lot of fun.  I was more than willing to trade a typical bike workout for some time with the family.  Melisa's mom and step dad even decided to join us out at the Pueblo Nature Center for our ride!
Last Minute Repairs
We set out from the house sometime after twelve.  Now that we have three mountain bikes, plus the trailer, it required two cars to get the family out there.  Still, it's nice to have a vehicle where I can put the seats up, and fit all four of the bikes inside.  I'm disappointed that they've stopped producing the Honda Element and I plan on getting at least another 100,000 miles out of this one if I can.  It's really a great vehicle for the Family/ Multisport Lifestyle (Another Sigh).  When we arrived at the nature center, we discovered Alan working on Mom's front tire (flat).  They have two older mountain bikes, and while the bikes are still in great shape, this one had a front tire issue.  Adding to the challenge was the fact that between the two of us, we had pumps, patches, and a tube, but no glue (or none that was still fresh enough to work).  Fortunately, there is a place that repairs bikes down at the Center and Alan was able to get a new tube which got us under way in only a matter of minutes.
This is fun!
But Tiring!
The Nature Center is a great place to ride bikes with a family.  There are plenty of shady spots and the path is wide enough to allow for frequent stops without blocking the trail completely.  It is also very flat through a 4-5 mile portion which means you don't have to work very hard while riding.  Today the weather was also very mild which was a big change from most of the weather we've had this summer.  We really meandered along and enjoyed the scenery and the company as we rode.  Along the way, there were several deer, and other wild life.  
 We even saw two people on these very funky recumbent tricycles.  I think the guy on the first one thought he was Mario Andretti as he cruised by going way too fast for the trail.  Oh well, I guess it's hard to slow down sometimes when you get the wind in your face. 
Go Speed Racer!
  These rides are most relaxing as there's no hurry, and you can really appreciate the uncomplicated pleasure that riding a bicycle induces.  The pace is slow enough to visit, and with my partner attached to the back, we had plenty of opportunity to do just that.  We reached the turnaround in our little journey, and then stopped at a nearby fishing pond for a small picnic.  

Many, many, many years ago, Melisa and I received a backpack "picnic basket," which we had brought along today.  Inside we stuck fruit, peanut butter, cheese and crackers, root beer for the kids, and a "bud light margarita" for the grown-ups! 

Mid Ride Picnic
 We found a shaded picnic table just off of the fishing pond and just spent a few minutes catching up and enjoying the day.
Nature's Bike Rack
 After our picnic, we slowly made our way back down the trail. I would imagine that we didn't ride more than about 8 miles or so, but like I said, it ain't racing season anymore, so it didn't really matter.  With Fall just around the corner, I'm looking forward to more days like this one.

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